The Last Frontier- Public Health Data Modernization Across AK, ND, and TX.

Room 2 (Salon G/M)
Join us for three different states perspectives on public health data modernization efforts in Alaska, North Dakota, and Texas. This breakout session highlights challenges and opportunities in this space from a public and private perspective. Data modernization for public health is fundamentally about creating healthier and better-informed communities by connecting people with information. As simple as that sounds, it is incredibly complex and requires an enormous effort ensuring that the correct technologies, processes and policies are in place. The pandemic put a spotlight on the antiquated public health infrastructures at the federal and local levels which fortunately led to funding with the CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative (DMI). As a part of DMI, states have completed assessments of the current state of health information systems, data analytic tools and assessing the proficiency and capacity of current staff regarding DMI topics. From this assessment and engagement with stakeholders, states and communities have learned that many sections within state government are siloed with their data processing, sharing and reporting, but are enthusiastic about DMI. This opens the door to several opportunities for public private partnerships with entities such as health information exchange and increasing data sharing, accessibility, and governance in state government with the goal of building partnerships to support health and wellness and ensure health equity.