Stone Soup for Community-based Data Utilities and Assets: Getting Funding, Time, and Data in Times of Scarcity

The allegory of Stone Soup presents a lesson every HIE can learn from. Many of us know the classic story of hungry strangers who persuade the locals to contribute ingredients for a communal meal, which is often told as a lesson about group cooperation in times of scarcity. It’s a tale made for HIEs—a celebration for which the ingredient to acquiring scarce resources is community. The lesson is in getting community stakeholders to contribute funding, time, and data when none seem available.

Like the hungry strangers of the story, HIEs have opportunities to help exchange members link current community resources with individuals’ social needs, ultimately resulting in improved community health.

This session will offer real-world scenarios for planning, governance, and convincing stakeholders to fund the blending of community information exchanges (CIEs), 211 services, and community-based programs with HIEs to create an extremely valuable Community-based Data Asset (the soup) to benefit all stakeholders in a given geography.

This panel will provide a framework inclusive of all kinds of data and services combined with stakeholder support and governance—all with the concept of a truly local Community-based Data Utility model. Hear from diverse perspectives representing HIEs, board members, and legal counsel as they:
• Review successful Community-based Data Utility models in specific communities
• Discuss new efforts toward building buy-in from healthcare leaders and State Agencies
• Offer ideas on how to engage HIE boards, payers, providers, and state agencies to resource these efforts
• Identify federal legislation and funding for Community-based Data Utilities and Community-based Data Assets
• Provide strategies to better identify, understand, and operationalize the strategic vision to build a common Community-based Data Asset