Improving health equities aspects of eCase Reporting to health agencies in Southern Nevada

In 2019 HealtHIE Nevada, the statewide HIE began sending eCase Reports to the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) as part of a HITECH grant. In 2021 SNHD was awarded a CDC grant to improve health equities for COVID-19 positive patients. As part of that multi-year grant HealtHIE Nevada was again chosen to work with SNHD to improve the quality of data collected and sent to SNHD.

The project has four key goals:
1. Improving data quality for patient matching by enhancing the collection of cell phone numbers.
2. Enhancing the data quality of information collected from HIE clients specifically for race, ethnicity, and gender identification for the LGBTQ community.
3. Improving access to immunizations using automated queries to the state immunization registry.
4. Enrich and standardize the data reports sent to SNHD to prioritize serving our most vulnerable high-risk populations.

The presentation will describe the previous work completed and the new focus on health equities, the services being provided and the outcomes that are expected.