Emily Hartmann

Executive Director

Emily Hartmann is the Executive Director of the Paso del Norte Health Information Exchange (or PHIX) based in El Paso, TX. Under her leadership, PHIX has grown to exchange data with many different types of partners in the El Paso region. Throughout COVID-19, she positioned PHIX as a vital public health resource. For example, she transitioned the City of El Paso Department of Public Health Laboratory from a paper-based ordering/results process for COVID-19 lab tests to an electronic process in April 2020. PHIX’s contributions then expanded to include facilitating transfers during the COVID-19 hospital surge and reporting COVID-19 vaccinations electronically to the Texas ImmTrac registry. Today, PHIX is participating in a national CDC network to evaluate COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness. PHIX continues to strengthen the El Paso community and provide innovative solutions to address healthcare gaps like the transfer of trauma images electronically and a closed loop referral system.

Sessions Associated

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