Alex Horowitz

Vice President, Technology Strategy
Intrepid Ascent

Alex Horowitz, Vice President, Technology Strategy As the leader of our Technology Strategy Group, Alex provides strategic leadership in health information technology systems and data management to our clients, leveraging over fourteen years of experience as a health care technical executive and systems architect. An expert in health information management, population health, and health data analytics systems, Alex helps our clients leverage their data as an asset for strategic planning and system redesign. He leverages his health IT expertise to focus on innovating effective and scalable solutions for integrating data, systems, people, and processes across the healthcare and social sectors to help communities better address the social determinants of health (SDOH) and to succeed in their goals to share data across sectors. In addition, Alex leads Intrepid Ascent’s strategic business development team, looking for interesting and impactful work to engage multi-disciplinary teams in across the country. Prior to co-founding Intrepid Ascent in 2014, he served the East Kern County Integrated Technology Association (EKCITA) HIE as its inaugural Chief Architect and Technology Officer from 2007 to early 2013 and later as CalHIPSO’s Director of Technology Services. These roles with one of the West Coast’s first HIOs and the nation’s largest Regional Extension Center (REC) during the foundational early days of mass EHR adoption shaped his view that there is always room for innovation in the U.S. healthcare system, and that thinking outside the confines of convention are critical to successfully pushing the envelope toward better health. Currently based in our Brooklyn, New York office, Alex was raised in rural California and received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley. Personal intrepid ascents: In an effort to simulate his favorite hikes in the High Sierras on the West Coast, Alex plans backpacking trips to every East Coast “mountain” he can find, taking him further and further afield from Brooklyn each time. Next on the list – Quebec!

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